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Quality Policy

Our policy is to provide consumers with the highest quality of wires and cables with assurance of great performance, consistency, safety and value. We immensely value our workforce and hence focus on creating an environment that is continuously encouraging for our employees growth, technical innovation and product improvement.

Our quality management systems are designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001-and BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), to manufacture and supply products that are consistent with the customer specific requirements. We maintain security and control of both technical and manufactured work in our premises through our high quality systems. By using curative and preventive action, we also review the effectiveness of our products for their continual improvement in terms of safety and quality standards.

Air Coolers:

EWEL Coolers have a Warranty of one Year.


EWEL Fans’ motors have a warranty of two Year

Wires &Cables:

Our Thermoplastic (PVC) Insulated and Sheathed cables are warranted for 5 years on manufacturing defect and performance.”

All cables:

All of our cables are designed for a minimum life span of 15 Years

Product USP


Nontoxic, Non-Hazardous, Environment friendly, High insulation resistance, Anti- Termite & Anti-Rodent, Energy efficient, short- circuit protection and fire retardant.


More than 99.97% copper purity with annealed copper conductors offering less resistance/km. Our cables have less heat dissipation and are thus energy efficient.


Being RoHS compliant in the manufacturing process, it restricts the use of specific hazardous materials in the manufacturing of
electrical/electronic product(s).


Our wires and cables have protection from rodents and termites with appropriate anti-rodent and anti-termite insulation
Copper Purity: Best in class, pure copper conductors with a 99.97% purity has been achieved.

Heat Resistant and Flame Retardant

Our cables are insulated with high quality HRFR insulation that is made directly out of virgin PVC materials. This helps the cables to withstand heat and flame even at ll0o C operating temperatures.