Inception of EWEL

EWEL Group, is started with undying grit and passion, towards making a dent in the Wires and Cables plus the FMEG sector. This company has a history that is predominantly rich in innovations, quality and experience – that is spread across twenty years. To build a consistency of a ‘premium manufacturing’ around EWEL has taken many years of planning, brainstorming, painstaking efforts, dynamism and endless initiatives and innovations.

With great care and attention to detail, EWEL caters to the public across many dimensions. From what goes inside the wall, to what goes outside of it – into making a home or a building sturdy, suitable and habitable for a comfortable living. Not just general public, EWEL’s strategy extends a hand into rural development as well – wherein the spread of electrif ication there as well, holds a major place in our initiatives and services.

When we talk about our products and their many dimensions and utilitarian aspects, there has never been any stone left unturned into creating the absolute best for the consumers. Consumer is the King and we have always kept customer service and satisfaction at the pinnacle of our brand values. To have a standing, for as long as twenty years, is itself a testimonial to the constant acknowledgement from our long standing consumers who believe in us, our work and our promises.

We have faced several challenges before we reached a more comfortable place – however what made our struggle much easier, is the diverse workforce in the organisation. EWEL’s founder
Mr. Manoj Singh has a supremely diverse and dynamic background that brings to the table experience from across industries. His experience as the Managing Director in Birla Homes has history of successful closures for Alliance Real Estate, Power, Solar Energy, Products and UPS for the companies that are tied up with it. Prior to Birla Homes – a Birla venture, Mr. Manoj has
had his creative and inventive capabilities invested in the investment banking space (Deutsche Bank) where he was a part of the Private Banking Group.

From a strong investment banking background to being the best at driving business, his leadership has held the firm’s Corporate functions intact and in turn help the company in staying motivated to work towards a better tomorrow.

Similarly, we have other key stakeholders with managerial and financial engineering expertise that have immensely helped EWEL in becoming the brand that can establish for itself a trustworthy legacy. This industry has immeasurable scope to serve the public – with its light only growing brighter to shine and spread across newer avenues everyday. What started off as a spark, has taken its own time to build itself a shape, an identity and a brand.

Our dream will always remain to grow bigger, serve better and reach farther, every passing year. We take up various initiatives with the Government to constantly understand the scope and future of our services and how to better them. EWEL’s leaders believe that creating a sustainable business is the key to running it with great satisfaction – which we have iterated in many of our forums and talks conducted across the world.

Today, EWEL is one of the prominent players in the wire and cable industry that has to its credit and trust a wide variety of supreme quality inventory. Above all, being led by a dedicated, hardworking and an adaptive set of leaders makes EWEL’s history, present, culture and initiatives: strong, trustworthy and efficient – just like its products!

Our company , EWEL Group India Private Limited, formerly known as ETEWELL (Electrical Tools Engineered WELL) Technology India Private Limited – registered under the trademarked brand name EWEL – is one of the leading companies in the Wires and Cables plus the Electrical Consumer products segment, in the industry. Based out of Bangalore, EWEL has the following to
its credit:

A trustworthy lineage of twenty years into innovation and manufacturing.

A praiseworthy supplier of wires and cables (LV range, single and multi core, control cables, to name a few) A noteworthy compliance to various industry standards (VIZ, BIS, UL, CE, etc.)

A creditworthy infrastructure consisting of advanced machineries and testing facilities

Inception of EWEL