Environment friendly EWEL Air Coolers

Our effectively built range of air coolers is designed considerately to meet all kinds of refreshing needs. Whether it is a spacious living room, small sized room, an outdoor space, an office, a shop, a showroom or a banquet hall, we have the finest coolers.


Aura Smart Remote

An exquisite air cooler with hi-tech remote control technology to control the fan speed, change the mode from swing to swing+cool or only cool to protect from the scorching heat easily. With a low power consumption of only 165 watts and a large water tank of 65 Liters with easy auto water inlet and ice chamber, it can keep the room cool for a longer period of time. It outperforms in its segment as it has heavy duty motors which increases the efficiency of the cooler.


An unparalleled air cooler known for its sleek design and powerful fan speed provides instant relief with its cool, breezy fresh air with minimal power consumption of 100 watts. It is equipped with highly durable and efficient honey comb cooling pads and requires little maintenance thus ensuring efficient cooling at a large scale. It has 30 liters of tank capacity and comes with a strong and durable trolley.


Aura Compact

Aura Smart

The Aura Smart Air Cooler is a revolutionary product as it comes with a sophisticated look, ultra-powering working systems and technologically advanced mechanism to provide fresh and natural air with instant cooling. It has easy auto water inlet option and large ice chambers to facilitate cool air circulation. It makes the drainage of water easier as it is equipped with a drain plug which helps in keeping the water and the environment cleaner and healthier. With maximized performance and low power consumption of 165 watts it is the most preferred choice of the customers.

An exceptional evaporate air cooler with 50 liters of water tank capacity is equipped with 9” powerful single blower that delivers a cool breeze at a high speed at different modes. It causes no hindrance in maintaining the aesthetics of the room as it is compactly designed with caster wheels and fold-able trolley.

Aura Wind



Glass Filled High Angle Special Plastic Blade

Inverter Model with Remote

1 year warranty