Industry Portfolio of EWEL

Railway & Metro

With growing demand of HT and LT cables, we ace to manufacture industrial grade heavy duty wires & cables like Robust Control Cables, Connection Cables, Silicone Cables, Hybrid & Special Cables for Railway Technology to meet the highest quality standards.


OEM Sector

We give utmost priority to the quality of our services, by leveraging qualitative measures with the best of technologies. We supply to our OEM partners which is our key strength.

GTD Power

Thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants etc. require high voltage tension cables and bare aluminium conductors for the purpose of power transmission.

Solar Power

Solar power is the only sustainable and renewable energy for the future power generation. Advancement and research in this field is very important to sustain a better future. Multi core & Single Core Aluminium Conductor Cables, PVC Insulated & sheathed(UA) Cable and EBXL-XLPE Cables are the most widely used range in Solar Power.


Govt & Institutional Projects

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We play a key role in the fulfilment of all main projects of Government and Private Sectors. We focus in fulfillment of major project demands of HV and LV Cables, PVC Insulated Wires, Armoured and Unarmoured cables, Control Cables and Datatronic Cables Etc.

Building & Infrastructure

It is the main segment of consumption of wires that are for Transmission & Distribution of power. Commonly used Cables are PVC Insulated wires, Thermo sets-Insulated wire & Cables, Non Metallic sheathed wire and cable, for the purpose of Lighting, Distribution of power to the various Appliances etc.