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Who We Are

ETEWELL Technology India Private Limited was rechristened into EWEL Group India Private Limited. ETEWELL stood as an acronym for Electrical Tools Engineered Well and the brand name is registered under the trademark EWEL-Engineered Well.

The corporate office is headquartered in Bangalore, the electronic city of India. A team of highly qualified and self-motivated, dynamic individuals strives together to attain our vision of being a global market leader. Our product portfolio includes the high demand products: wires and cables catering to the manufacturing segment, industrial engineering, communication and infrastructure, and common household applications, electrical appliances and air coolers. Our dedicated team supervises the entire evolution process of the product- ranging from the inception stage to the post-sales service requirements. We are focussed on deciphering the exact requirements of the customers and providing customised solutions to precisely meet those needs. From the day of establishment, our attention has always been on the development of new products to suit the dynamic lifestyle requirements of the consumers. We have integrated the state-of-art technologies and advanced engineering processes to make our products more appealing, durable and user-friendly. EWEL is committed to product security and takes a very high stance against counterfeits. We are in the process of developing business association with firms to come up with security solutions for all products. Decades of invaluable experience has empowered EWEL to develop integrated quality and consumption optimisation solutions in the electrical environment and load arrangement, offering power capacity matching advices, and high-efficiency products.

Our Leadership

Manoj Singh


K. Naresh Kumar


Vijay Mishra


Jillani MKHH


Suresh Takshande


  • Our Features
    Our Features

    We have meticulously undertaken all feasible efforts for positioning our brand uniquely in the market. We have developed attributes that make us stand apart from the other competitors.

  • Anti-counterfeit Policy
    Anti-counterfeit Policy

    EWEL holds a high commitment to the ingenuity of its products and has a strong anti-counterfeit policy.

  • Authentication System
    Authentication System

    We will be shortly offering innovative solutions through QR Code, SMS or phone call authentication system so that the customers can personally verify the authenticity of the products on their smartphones at one-go.

  • Real-time Map View
    Real-time Map View

    Track and trace system supplemented with real time map view for detecting any anomaly in the entire supply chain process will facilitate smooth transportation of the products from the manufacturing facilities to the warehouses and finally to the end-customers.

Brand EWEL

EWEL has already developed and implemented a comprehensive information management system that integrates all the service processes into a single platform. 

The daily business activities are automatically recorded in the CRM platform, providing a decentralised system to access and monitor all information. EWEL is on the path of embracing Industry 4.0 and implement the latest practices into all of the business verticals.

Our Logo

The EWEL logo is depicted in two colours- vibrant red and tranquil white combining together to form the symbol of power, the defining element of the electrical industry. The red colour represents the vigour and veracity of the EWEL brand name while the white signifies the intrinsic safety assurance offered by EWEL.

The logo encompasses the two elements in a circular fashion thus forming the emblem of the company and justifies the aspiration to become a market leader.

ewel logo side and long-17

Brand Transformation